RV Park and Campground

BoonDockers RV Park ( Coming Spring 2024 )

Our scenic boondocking sites feature panoramic views of Wayne and Perry counties.  These site will have access to the Tipi Ridge Wifi and are connected to the resort walking trail network. 

Lost Buffalo Campground

The scenic panoramic views are plentiful  thru out the camp ground these sites are restricted to vans and smaller tent camping setups.  Lost Buffalo Campground sites all have access to the Tipi Ridge Wifi along with access to charging hubs for small devices only no air conditioners.

Tipi Ridge Landscape Center

Nature is your friend when choosing your landscape plants from natives to exotics we can assist you in finding the best plants for your landscapes.  

Stop by our nursery opening Spring 2025!!!!!

Tipi Ridge Fruit and Produce 

Folks we have been working to better our water and soil quality here at the farm.  Much of the top soil has eroded with the logging that has taken place over the years. I am using the debris and some regenerative agriculture practices to raise the nutrition and water levels in the soils so that we can have healthier and tastier fruits and vegetables for your family to enjoy.  

The good news is there are plants in the gound and they are producing just not enough to sell!!  

General Store

The General Store will have farm fresh produce and other products made locally.  We also intend to have a cheap homewares section for those campers who forgot the basics. Need tent stakes, propane bottles, and much more!!!