About the Owners

Hey Y'all my name is Raymond Eade, I was born on a cattle ranch out in a little community in central California called Bitterwater.  In 2001 my folks moved us to Dayton NV where I finished my studies and in 2008, I joined the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout.  After joining the service i moved to Fort Campbell, KY where I was eventually deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 2010 - 2011 there is a documentary on Amazon Prime Video called Hornets nest which featured my platoon while we were conducting patrols in the Khost Gardez Pass also know as the Death Pass.  After coming home from over seas I changed career fields to become an all source military analyst and was then sent to South Korea where unfortunately my body decided it wasn't going to hand stress anymore and ultimately I was Medically Retired..  

Life After Service to the Nation

After I retired from the service I went back to school at Austin Peay State University studying Agriculture Science; ultimately I dropped out after three years cause he curriculum was less than to be desired.  I continued my studies in agriculture on my own and I fell in love with regenerative agriculture as well as renewable energies.  

Tipi Ridge Off Grid Farm Resort Beginnings

My life fell apart with the stress shooting thru the roof so i bought this beautiful plot of land with the mindset of healing thru nature and it has grown to become my little research project that I am hoping to develop into a healing place for veterans and other families to get away from he stress and daily grind of life.  My service dog Fat Daddy and I look forward to meeting you and your families and I hope to share my knowledge with you and your families to help you all find your own path to self suitability and a life with more meaning and value than the 8 to 5 grind working for others.