Youth programs on the farm

in the coming years I plan to implement many classes that I will offer on the farm, these classes range from single day classes to a full on course.  

Pre-K Classes

These fun classes teach your child the basics of farm life.  These classes require parental supervision and integration.

K-5 Classes

As your child becomes more competent in life let us help you build their basic building block of biology with a hands on approach to your Childs learning.


Teen Programs

Our teen programs sets your child up to work on any of our local farms from cattle ranching to produce your teen will be able to focus on their dreams and aspirations in life. 

All youth are encouraged to participate in these classes our science and biology classes are designed to help build and educate future agriculture experts and those who do well may be asked if they want to participate in our future internship program I have big ideas for this project in which benefits our local counties by expanding our farming operation and putting fresh produce and meats from locally grown sources on tables in our communities...